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Chiron is a very strong chess program. You can read more about its history and development in the About page.

Chiron comes with a polyglot book adapted to its playing style and its main features are:

  • playing strength of about 3100 Elo points on single core*
  • parallel search
  • adjustable playing strength with autolimitation of book knowledge
  • support for UCI and Winboard2 communication protocols
  • MultiPV and searchmoves for game analysis
  • support for Chess960
  • support for Polyglot opening books
  • support for CTG opening books
  • support for Syzygy, Nalimov and Gaviota tablebases
  • support for Scorpio bitbases
  • smart detection of pawn blockages

Chiron is available for Windows and Android. It works with any chess interface you like.

Chiron can be purchased from the Buy page. It will be delivered by email within 24 hours.


* CCRL 40/4 rating list